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Paying with the credit card or with cash?

The world of trading has been influenced a lot by the development of technology, since it has enabled people to pay for goods and services using small plastic cards, instead of actual bills. As a consequence, credit card payment has gradually become a common method people use all over the world. Whether you are buying groceries, clothes, appliances or any other product, you will be asked whether you want to pay with cash or through a banking transaction. Since more and more clients prefer the latter option, business owners have to adapt, which is why most of them choose to install a countertop card machine. This represents not only a proof of consideration for their customers, but also an additional benefit over their competitors. The popularity of credit card payment has constantly increased, and nowadays any reputable business provides their clients with this modern asset.


Even if years ago, people were reluctant to credit card payment, nowadays most of them prefer to use this new method, because it is fast and secure. The evolution of technology has completely revolutionized banking transfers, offering performing devices and encrypted systems which ensure a high level of security. For this reason, many clients have started to trust this solution and use it especially when it comes to major purchases. As far as businesses are concerned, installing card machines represents a wise financial decision, since it enables customers to buy even if they do not have money at that particular moment, which means an increase in the incomes of the company. When it comes to flexibility, specialists have gone the extra mile, creating even mobile credit card machines and online solutions. While the first ones allow customers to pay using the device under the only condition of having wi-fi connection, the second option is ideal for online transactions. However, in spite of the efficiency of credit card transactions, it seems that as far as day-to-day purchases, paying with cash remains the main choice – at least for people in Europe. This is somehow normal, taking into consideration that buying groceries or clothes involves small amounts of money, and most people consider ridiculous to use the card just for that. Sometimes, people rely on cash because it gives them the impression of control and full pockets, being aware to calculate immediately exactly how much they spend. They do not deny the benefits and convenience of using a credit card, but prefer to keep it for larger transfers.


As you can see, the battle of traditionalism over modernity is not completely lost, since each alternative has its own niche of supporters. While some prefer to switch to the modern method, others choose to stick to the traditional one, in order to avoid fees and taxes. This is actually a good strategy, taking into consideration that some banks and service providers charge withdrawal or refund fees. This is not the case of Chip and Pin Card Payments, a company offering credit card services without charging additional taxes, helping their clients to save up to 40%. All in all, there is no ideal payment option, because the choice is influenced by many variables.