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Plan the perfect honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius is acclaimed to be a Paradise Island unveiling numerous romantic places to visit such as ethereal white beaches and unbelievable blue waters, making it the perfect spot for newlyweds. Honeymoons should be a combination between sweet private time that will create unforgettable memories you will keep forever with yourself and exciting adventures you can share with others and tell your kids and grandkids about when growing older. This is another reason why Mauritius is considered an ideal place for honeymoons, because it offers couples the opportunity to grow closer by experiencing many things together. Besides the romantic escapades to blue lagoons, unspoiled beaches, exquisite hotels and coral islets, you can also try out water sports and have a good time in bars and clubs brimming with tourists and locals.


What is more, you can rent a villa in Mauritius to ensure that your stay will be as intimate as possible. Renting a villa is also a way of pampering, because you can include services such as a private cook and maid, not to mention a masseuse and chauffer that will take care of everything you need and make you stay as relaxing and pleasant as possible. You will find plenty of villas in Mauritius to rent, but make sure to choose your location carefully to ensure you will have all the benefits including a stunning view and a quiet time just for the two of you.


A honeymoon in Mauritius would be incomplete without a romantic stroll and a candle-light dinner on the beach. Mauritius has plenty of unpopulated exotic beaches you can use for this purpose and the experience will be magnificent, as if there is only the two of you in the world. Another thing you need to keep in mind when going on your honeymoon is that you will feel the need to spend your time with your partner and you will find others quite annoying. This need for as much private time as possible is only natural, so make sure you are your own master during this holiday. Rent a villa from and you will not need to worry about anything. You will be able to make your own program and ask your chef to cook whatever you want when you want it, not to mention that you can also ask your chauffeur to drive you around instead of waiting for the bus.


The most common mistake people make when booking accommodation for their honeymoon is that they choose a very luxurious hotel and think they will have the time of their life, but other guests can ruin that sweet dream. If some naughty kids have the room opposite or next to yours, you will no longer wish to spend your time together admiring the view until noon, because the hustle and bustle will definitely ruin the mood. Renting a villa will solve these problems, because they are generally situated along the beach at a considerably distance from other villas or resorts.