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Positive feedback from Romanian doctors working in France

There are currently more than 20,000 Romanian doctors working abroad and the number of young graduates who choose to relocate is steadily growing year after year. Despite the difficulty of accommodating to a new country, most doctors choose to stay there indefinitely. Out of all the countries in Europe, France is the most popular one among Romanian doctors, with more than 3000 people having a stable job there, almost double than the one of Belgians. More than half of these are women under the age of 40. It is already common knowledge that the unsatisfactory financial rewards in Romania are the ones pushing doctors towards other work markets, but what makes them stay there and what do they have to say about their new jobs? The feedback is generally positive and several doctors have already given some interviews to local newspapers, hoping that this would make authorities understand what needs to be changed.


The companies that specialize in recrutement médecins are busier than ever, getting thousands of applications from Romanian doctors of all ages. Since there is great demand for skilled practitioners, they usually have no trouble finding jobs and settling into new homes. With money being the main reasons why Romanians choose to leave, one might imagine that the most praises refer to salaries. The change is definitely for the better, but, interestingly, it is not just money that keeps Romanian loyal to their jobs in France. Those working there are primarily satisfied with the stability of their medical system and the respect with which doctors are seen. Balkan hospitals are known to have encountered problems with the incorporation of modern equipment and often admit patients in unsanitary conditions. In France, which has one of the most advanced systems, Romanian doctors can work with better equipment and receive the respect they deserve for what they do. They say that Romania does not lack talented mentors in the field, but in France they find it much easier to collaborate and ask questions, even as fresh graduates. More specifically, they believe that professional doctors in the local system have the skills to treat patients, but not the skills to train new doctors.


Another positive aspect mentioned by people who work with recruitment agencies to find emploi médecin specialiste is the pleasant working environment and the doctor-patient relationship. In France, doctors do not have to negotiate salaries or argue with patients who refuse to pay for medical services. Due to certain corruption problems in Romania, people mistrust those who work in the public systems, including doctors. In the Western society, people respect doctors and appreciate their importance, whereas in Central or Eastern Europe they would rather trust in the Church and look at hospitals with skepticism. Things are slowly improving, but, Romanian doctors say, this rate of improvement is not fast enough for them to stay. Currently, they count on agencies like Medico Jobs to relocate, but, some say, they would be willing to move back to Romania if things got better for them.