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Print care tips you should consider

Even though some may think that a printer does not need any care and maintenance, there is a reason why some people get to use their Spectra Polaris 512 35 pl printhead longer than others and that is because they know how to properly maintain them. With the help of these simple tips, you will be able to maintain both your printer and your print head and prolong their lifetime considerably. One of the main things you should keep in mind is to only buy original print heads. As tempting as it might be to buy a replica, even though you will save some money in the beginning, you will have to replace it sooner and you risk damaging the actual printer in the process as well. An original Spectra Polaris 512 85 pl printhead will always perform much better than a counterfeit one and it will protect the printer, thus allowing its user to actually save money in the long run.


Another piece of advice all printer owners should keep in mind is to use it regularly. When the printer is not used for long period of times, the flow of ink can be interrupted and that is because the cartridge can dry up. You should use the printer to print at least 1 document a few times a week. This way you will prevent your device from making any errors. Furthermore, don’t forget to clean the printer from dirt once in a while. It is not enough to only clean the printer on the outside, but you should also take some time to clean it on the inside as well. In addition, don’t use paper that is dirty, because you risk damaging various components of your printer, not to mention future paper jams. Every time you replace a printer component, be it the print head, the cartridge or something else, you should be extra careful not to damage anything else. If you feel that this task may be too complicated for you, you should allow someone with more experience in the field to tackle this task. This way you will at least have the certainty that you will not do any damages because of inexperience.


In the event of a paper jam, you should start by turning off the printer. Generally you should use the Off button, but in case that does not work, you can just unplug the power cable, but this should only be done unless there is no other option. Pull the paper carefully in the same direction that it exits the printer. This way it will exist easier and you will not damage anything. Of course, to avoid this from happening again, you should always use quality paper. The mistake so many people make is buying the cheapest possible paper, but they only end up having to deal with various errors that it causes. These are the main tips you should consider in order to maintain your printer for as long as possible. Companies such as offer high quality products that are easy to maintain and will not cause any problems.