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Professional pension advice – get the best from your pension pot

When it comes to converting your pension pot into retirement income, the process is difficult and confusing, because you will have many decisions to make. What is more, this will probably be one the biggest financial decisions you will have to make in your life. The latest pension reforms have brought retired people more choices than ever, but at the same time more pitfalls to avoid. It is therefore important to make a thorough research or seek professional Leeds pension advice to ensure that you make an informed decision and avoid making a mistake you will regret in the future. When it comes to things such as your pension pot, which involves not only a large amount of money, but also your means of survival after retirement, there is no room for compromises, so you should do your homework well and hire a professional financial adviser. What is more, besides financial planning Leeds services, some people also require mandatory financial advice in order to move money out of pension pots that offer valuable guarantees.


After the new pension reform arrived and taxation rules changed drastically this year, your pension fund is subject to individual tax rules even after your death, if the money in your pot or income from your partner are still available. Your beneficiaries will receive the remaining value of your pension, if you die before 75 and it will be free of tax. However, this new rule affects a small portion of the population, because death before the age of 75 is rare and pension funds passed on death for everyone else is subject to income tax at marginal rate. Pension funds held in trusts will be free of the inheritance tax as well. These are just a part of the things that you need to know about pension funds and the inheritance tax, if you wish to understand what to expect in the future. Professional advice providers like can help explain how all these changes in regulation will affect you specifically and help you make the best decision depending on your financial situation, needs and preferences.


If you plan to seek pension advice, you should first make sure to choose an independent financial expert to ensure they stay true to your needs. The choice you make will affect your life and the life of your family members after your retirement, so you should not put your trust into an entity with a different interest than helping you out. An independent financial adviser will be able to offer unbiased advice and help you make the best decision regardless of where you will place your money. If someone that strives to sell you something influences your financial planning, your entire plan will be compromised. You should work with someone capable of providing transparent, unbiased and reliable advice to ensure you will make the best decisions for you and your family. Make sure to check out not only the reliability of the consultancy company you hire, but also the price range they offer.