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Quick fixes for traumatic injuries

Physical injuries such as those caused by practicing sports or by sudden falls are very frequent and most times they require immediate medical intervention because the severity of the injury can endanger the life of the person, or at least the functionality of the limb. Even if you are lucky enough to get away with just a little bit of pain and inflammation in the leg, you still need medical attention to get better. Unfortunately, Western doctors persist in prescribing anti-inflammatory pills as a remedy for pain. The main disadvantage of pain medication is that is has the tendency to cause side effects, not to mention that people usually become addicted to them. Pills are not the answer to everything and Western doctors have a lot to learn from traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Instead of using toxic chemicals, they work with herbal medicine such as Yunnan Baiyao that is efficient for both pain and blood stagnation.

According to Chinese medicine, pain is defined as nothing more than stagnation. This means that the normal flow of the body is obstructed. In their belief, vital energy circulates through the entire body through channels that are called meridians. The vital energy, or the qi, plays an important part in the functioning of the system of organs. Consequently, if the qi is blocked it entails with it other stagnations such as the stasis of the blood flow. The blood flow can also be obstructed as a result of factors such as blood leaking from the vessels, which is not that unusual with traumatic injuries. Until getting to the hospital for extensive care, you can treat open wounds with Yunnan Baiyao plasters. Pain and blood stasis are closely connected in traditional Chinese medicine because it is believed that pain is directly caused by blood stagnation. Other symptoms that frequently accompany traumatic injuries are insomnia and palpitations that indicate a deficiency in the body. When the patient experiences pain, this means that the qi is not moving and the treatment to relieve pain is mostly centered on restoring the circulation of the blood and of the energy as well in the area where pain is felt.

One possible solution is to undergo physical therapy with focus on stretching exercises. These are extremely helpful for restoring the blood flow and they target areas such as the back, shoulder and elbow that are part of the system. Nevertheless, the easiest solution against pain and blood stasis is herbs. Treatments involving herbal formulas are common in the Chinese culture and the have used to successfully treat maladies for centuries. In addition, the market of natural medicine has significantly developed so that now you can easily order online from retailers such as Shenyi Center of Chinese Medicine. As long as you complete your rehabilitation program with acupuncture and a good dietary plan, you can completely regain the mobility of the limb. The reason why you should trust the approach offered by alternative medicine is that is not limited to curing symptoms, but rather on curing the body as a whole. All this is possible without becoming addicted to pain medication.