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Reading – an affordable hobby

No matter how fulfilling our careers and family lives may be, we cannot truly prosper as individuals only by relating to society. We also need to work on developing our inner selves and find at least a few hours a week for our personal hobbies. Unfortunately, more and more people tend to neglect their hobbies because they are caught in the traps of modern life or are too afraid to pick up a hobby because they think it is expensive. Granted, pastime activities such as waterboarding or carpentry do require serious funding, but that does not mean that hobbies are a luxury. Reading, for example, is one of the most affordable activities someone could ever have, which might sound surprising, considering that it’s also the most enriching one. With the advent of ebook readers, it has become even more affordable, because you can get discount ebooks online.


About a decade ago, reading was somewhat more expensive, because the only option was to buy printed books. On average, a printed book is not that costly, but some rare volumes or paperback versions cost more. But still, reading still requires a lower investment than other hobbies. If you choose ebooks, you can save even more. The only thing you need as an initial investment is the ebook reader, which costs between $50 to $100 depending on the make and model. After that, you can download books from various websites. Most publishing houses now include digital versions as well as printed versions, so, whether you prefer sci-fi, non-fiction or romance books, you definitely have millions of options to choose from. Ebooks cost less than their printed version, because they require less resources, so you can find high quality works starting from as little as $0.99.


If you know how to hunt for deals, you can even come across free ebook downloads. These can be from up and coming authors who want to make their work known to the world or from websites that run special offers. You can get printed books for free as well, but only if you burrow them from a library and return them afterwards. Once you find out which websites have the best deals, you can start creating your own digital book collection just with a few dollars. The price may be small, but the benefits are huge. You can store thousands of books on a device that fits into your handbag and indulge in reading whenever you have a few free minutes. Even when you are at work or on commute, you can still open an ebook and read few pages. You don’t have to carry an entire pile of books in a backpack or allocate a special corner to it in your home. Reading requires very little resources, but it’s a valuable one that keeps on giving. There are many websites that help enthusiastic readers find amazing book discounts, such as Here, you can get suggestions for thousands of great readers from all genres: sci-fi, romance, self-help, even audiobooks. Visit this website to expand your ebook collection!