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Reasons to opt for a Sikh destination wedding

Sikh weddings are known for their immense beauty and deep spiritualism. However, every couple wishes to have a personalised wedding, one where they can actually choose certain things and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. This is why Sikh destination weddings have become so popular in the past few years, as more and more couples are attracted by the benefits they receive. Whether they are interested in Sikh weddings Mexico or they want to get married someplace else, there are many priests who are willing to perform their ceremony anywhere in the world and personalise it accordingly. But what are the advantages that a couple will enjoy, if it chooses a destination wedding? First of all, they will have more options in terms of color schemes, sitting arrangements, d├ęcor and anything else they might be interested in. When you choose a destination wedding, you can sit next to your spouse and even exchange rings during or after the ceremony if that is what you wish.


Even if you want the Anand Karaj Lavaan ceremony, you can still choose to have it abroad and enjoy it together with the group of people you want to have on your side. This is one of the other perks of having a destination wedding: you will avoid unwanted guests and have your ceremony in the presence of those you love and cherish. You can count on the fact that when you hire an experienced priest, the entire mood and spirituality of your wedding will be just the way you imagined it. Do not be afraid that your wedding will not have the beauty that a traditional Sikh ceremony does, because it will be magical. And the fact that it will be held abroad, means that it will be held in both Punjabi and English, so all your guests will understand and appreciate it. Many couples worry that the ceremony will last for too long and their guests will get tired. After all, it can be very difficult for someone who is not very used to the sitting on the floor, but the service for a destination wedding only lasts for an hour, in which time you can choose to sit on a chair, rather than directly on the floor.


All in all, for those who want to blend the beautiful traditions of a Sikh wedding with a few personal choices and thus have the wedding of their dreams, having the ceremony abroad is the best choice. There are experienced priests such as the ones from Global Chants, who are available to travel anywhere in the world and hold a beautiful service, filled with spirituality, that you and your spouse will remember dearly for the rest of your lives. In a destination wedding, you can have on your side only the guests you want, choose any type of parshaad along with anything else that you feel will make your wedding ceremony special and unique.