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Reasons to resort to alternative medicine

When being faced with maladies, people from Western civilizations usually resort to taking drugs because it is believed that this is the only way in which you can cure conditions such as the common cold. Pills seem to be the answer for everything and people have got used to taking pills for about anything from headaches to curing anxiety. The result is that the average person ingests hundreds of pills per year and this habit is not without side effects because they introduce chemical toxins in their bodies. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives to taking pills, like the herbal remedies offered by Shenyi Center of Chinese medicine. The answer to your health problems is offered by alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has long had a bad reputation, mostly because it is not based on scientific evidence, even though it has been proven more than effective in treating illnesses.

The main difference between standard and alternative medicine is that the latter resorts to a holistic approach when treating patients. More precisely, alternative medicine is made up of several practices such as herbal remedies, acupuncture and dietary treatment. These medical practices appear to be totally unrelated, but they are actually designed to restore the balance of the body. Thanks to the integrated approach, the whole body is taken into consideration, instead of focusing on organs and symptoms. For instance, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner does not limit his treatment to prescribing Shexiang Zhuanggu Gao for orthopedic injuries. A complete treatment is made up of acupuncture for pain relief and of reflexology as well. The effectiveness of the treatment lies in the fact that alternative medicine concentrates its efforts on the individual and not on the list of symptoms. The tendency towards specialization in standard medicine has lead physicians to forget that an organ is not just a simple organ, but a component of a complex system. Hence, if one of the organs is ill, all the other components from within the system are affected and the body loses its balance. The role of accompanying practices such as acupuncture and diet is to restore both the physical and the spiritual health.

Besides being offered so much attention, patients who resort to alternative medicine benefit from the healing power of herbs. Herbal remedies have a long tradition in alternative medicine, especially in Chinese medicine, and they continue to be used today because they are extremely efficient. While in traditional Chinese medicine there are no names for diseases, practitioners recognize all the symptoms associated with common illnesses. For example, Angong niuhuang wan helps treat the pericardium, although its main purpose is clearing away toxins and heat. Herbal medicine as that practiced by the Chinese is at the same time more natural and affordable than pharmaceutical drugs. If you too desire to try something new in the fight against bacteria, you can seek the help of alternative medicine professionals and turn your life around. The most important benefit is that you cure the disease and prevent it. Not the same can be said about Western medicine and will not regret giving alternative medicine a try.