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Relevant things you should know about newspaper delivery software

Technology has revolutionized everything in the past years, and the world of press is no exception. While years ago, publications had a limited number of items they sold, nowadays they have expanded – they have launched online versions and are using dedicated pieces of software. Each and every operation is either made automatically, either controlled by a machine or application, for a more efficient management. Distribution Deputy is one of the companies that have launched software specialized in supervising and managing the supply chain system, so that distributors know exactly the number of items needed, sold or returned from each point of sale. The application is a great innovation for the industry, and is not only available online, but also for mobile devices.


Many people are wondering which the benefits of this application are, especially since the press industry has been working perfectly before it appeared. Supply chain software vendors have been claiming that their product can help you improve your business, and even if at first glance this may not seem possible, it is true. The application has more than one benefit: it will enable you to have a clear overview over your agency, while also saving you the trouble to gather data and centralize it. All the relevant pieces of information will be analyzed automatically, thus making it much easier for you to manage the distribution and selling process. The data is accurate and easy to interpret: you will find out the hottest sales point, the places where the newspapers are not enough as well as those with the highest number of returns, the readers’ preference and so on. Besides all these, the software can be used as a market analysis tool by a professional marketer who can speculate the sales tendencies. By knowing the places where your publication is very popular, you can stress on that particular point as far as advertising and promotion are concerned. In addition to this, the application also supports sustainability, because it helps you reduce wastes, so no more resources and money wasted on unsold or unread newspapers. You will print exactly what your clients will buy, reducing returns as much as possible.


As far as the costs are concerned, although you may think that a tool such as a supply chain optimization software is quite expensive, this is not actually true. There are some reputable companies on the market providing the application in exchange for little money – and think about it: compared to the additional incomes it will help you get, the money you will have to pay is really insignificant. What is more, in case you are not convinced of the efficiency of the program and you are reluctant about investing in it, you can just test it. Some specialized companies offer a trial period of no less than 8 months, which is enough time for you to see if the software is worth your financial effort. If you see that the sales are starting to grow, then you should definitely purchase the application for good.