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Rhinestone slides and appliques – a great crafting project

If you are looking for a fun and exciting idea for a crafting project, then rhinestone embellishments make a great solution. Whether you are teaching a crafts class, looking for something fun to do with your girl friends and maybe even an enjoyable Sunday with your kids, rhinestone slides, trims and appliques can come to your rescue. Apart from being quite amusing to work with stones and to create beautiful designs, it can also be quite practical, as you can actually use the trims or sashes or the rhinestone sticker sheets for practical purposes, like embellishing your clothes, your gadgets or decorative items around the house. All in all, this can be a great project and all it takes is the right type and amount of supplies, most of which, if not even all, can be found online, at web stores such as The Buckle Boutique, where you can buy as many trims and stickers as you need.


The first step of your crafting project should be indeed buying all the supplies you need and then some, as you never know where creativity may take you. Finding rhinestone sticker sheets, trims or pins and other such appliques is not a difficult task. A quick and simple web search will most likely generate multiple results for you to browse, which you should in fact take the time and browse carefully, as there are hundreds of styles, models and designs of rhinestone slides, hand sewn trims and other such items. This huge variety is a great advantage for your project, as it will allow you and the others to craft virtually anything you’d want. However, it can also be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t have something specific in mind that you want to craft. This is why it’s important to take your time and browse through the websites thoroughly, looking at models and items, but also comparing suppliers and prices, as well as delivery times and conditions, as you might want these products as soon as possible. While you’re browsing through the items, you might also get some ideas of what you can do with rhinestone appliques, which will be the next step of your project.


Indeed, after buying all the supplies you need, which may not be limited to rhinestone sticker sheets or trims, it’s time you sit down with your fellow craftswomen and think about what your project might be. It can range from anything like dress trims and purse embellishments to pins and brooches and even beauty add-ons for your gadgets. In fact, the stickers can be very easily used to cover scratches or dents on your smartphone or tablet or to craft beautiful cases, which you can then even sell if you want to raise money for a charitable event or something. You can design elegant sashes for town pageants or for your friend’s upcoming wedding, bouquet wraps and so much more. the truth is that the large array of rhinestone slides, trims and other related products out there offers you great flexibility when it comes to giving your crafting project a direction.