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Rules for a simple yet elegant wedding look

The bride is, without any doubt, the main character of every wedding. Not only everyone is looking at her, putting her into the spotlight, but she is also the one responsible with making all the guests feel comfortable and important. Since she has to be all over the place and she will, for sure, be analyzed by everyone, she must look astonishing, and for this reason all the brides consider creating the perfect outfit a real struggle. While it is fun and exciting to find the wedding dress of your dreams, the real challenge comes after you decide upon some models you like: they are either too uncomfortable, wither too expensive or they do not match the theme or the rest of the decorations. However, when you choose the perfect dress, the real treat is accessorizing it. This does not seem too difficult, but you will see that it is not as easy as it seems, but just by following a simple rule, there should be no problem: try not to exaggerate. Many people will tell you that it is your wedding day, your moment, and you can shine as much as you want, but remember that a beauty does not mean overdone, and most of the times less is more. Bling Bride Betty can offer you various alternatives, so that you find it easier to complete your bridal outfit.

The first thing you should know is that keeping it simple may be the key to success. It is very tempting to take advantage of the fact that you are the star of the day and choose plenty of baubles and accessories, but the one that should be shinning is you, and all these blings may make you look overwhelming instead of attractive. Another tip is to match your bridal jewelry sets to the colour of your dress, because nowadays designers consider simple white mainstream, and have started to add a bit of colour to it. Pure white can be easily matched to all sorts of embellishments, from pearls to platinum and golden pieces, while diamond white works perfectly with silver or rose gold and ivory gives the best results combined with golden accessories, because they highlight the creamy tone of the material. In addition to the colour, you should also take into consideration the shape of the dress, especially of the d├ęcolletage and the fabric. If you have, for example a V-neck dress, you can opt for almost any type of necklace, while strapless gowns are a bit more pretentious, as same as those with a lot of lace or embroidery.

Keep all these in mind and remember that pairing the neckline and fabric with the correct wedding jewelry sets can make the difference for a refined appearance and style. However, if you know that you should shine, but you do not feel like adding huge earrings or bracelets to your attire, just try to be yourself and pick exactly the accessories which represent you better. Make sure everything you wear makes you good in your own skin, besides from looking nice. Stick to the basics, and wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable.