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Sneak Peak: Things you don’t know about escorts

When it comes to escorts, little do we know about their world. From ancient times, they have been surrounded in mystery and rumours, appreciation and blaming. However, nowadays, these workers are highly appreciated for their services by both men and women. We still lack the knowledge about them and their services. From what we imagine, being an escort usually consists of being around wealthy men and surrounded by expensive presents. Malicious voices say that their world is far from any moral value. However, this is completely untrue and many misconceptions are generated by the lack of knowledge. We decided to enlighten you with some info on what their lives look like and what keeps escorts London still in business.

  1. They work hard for their money

If you imagine being an escort is all about staying in hotel rooms or in the comfort and privacy of a country villa, you are far from reality. In our times, escorts have to do e little more to ensure their income. Therefore, city tours are a common practice in the niche. Especially practiced in the western European countries, these “city tours” are well planned and organised beforehand. A number of meetings with clients are established in advance, and many spend even a month on the road.

  1. Employed escorts are better paid than independent ones

Although many think that being a freelancer is the best thing that could happen to one, this is rarely true. Employed escorts can always be sure they have a source of income and a fair number of clients each month. Moreover, those escorts from agencies that provide fetish services as well, like dominatrix in London services can make more money in a month than an independent escort would do in twice the time. If they are high-class escorts from agencies, they can even gain 1.000 pounds in an hour meeting.

  1. Special lexicon for safety purposes

As in many other fields, escorts have a slang as well. They use it for safety purposes in order to signal other colleagues or coordinators they don’t like a certain client or feel threatened by them. Therefore, always respect your date, if you don’t want it to have an unexpected turn.

  1. They are regularly medical examined

At least, if they work with a great agency. For their own and client’s safety, all escorts have their blood periodically tested. Therefore, when planning to meet a professional girl via an agency, you can always be sure your safety is assured.

  1. European countries are more relaxed regarding these services

Even more: they are respectable workers, and in the Red Light District, Amsterdam, they have a special status. Appreciated by both locals and tourists, they enjoy a life just like any other worker. They have families and children, and a satisfied life.

It is normal to be curious about such an intriguing job. Their vast experience with both men and women and the quality of their services makes us aware that this job is way beyond what it seems, and by contacting L’Escorts you can have a taste of it.