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Suitable card payment machines for various types of businesses

The world of business seems to be dominated by a new payment method. Normally, you would enter a store, take what you needed and went to the cashier to pay for the products. Things have not changed greatly, as you would still have to follow these steps. The only difference is that you can now take out that little plastic card and pay with it instead of counting bills. Simple, fast and secure, these would be the top three advantages that both buyers and retailers gain once deciding to switch to card payment. However, entrepreneurs ought to know something else about this method apart from benefits. To actually enjoy these advantages, you should first choose the right device for your business type. So, here are a few details about three of the machines types placed at your disposal. Knowing some of these facts could help you decide on the appropriate solution for your needs.


There is the highly popular countertop card machine. Surely you are familiar with this device, as you have seen it in stores and shops everywhere in the world. Indeed, this device is suitable for businesses of various sizes. It is appropriate for all retailers that have fixed points of payment. Also, it is simple to install and to use, so retailers should have no difficulties operating it. Thus, if you are currently operating a business with a fixed point of payment, then you should definitely consider the countertop device. The second most popular type of device of this kind is the portable one. This is one device that is addressed to a completely different public, to businesses such as restaurants, cafes or bars. In this field, it is customary for the waiter to come to the client to take his order and to bring the check. When asking to pay by card, it is expected for the device to be brought to the client and not the other way around. These are different businesses, so it is expected to follow different rules. If you should ever own a restaurant or a bar, then make sure that you install a portable device.


Mobile credit card machines are the latest apparitions on this market, devices that have quickly gained a rather impressive level of popularity. Surely the fact that individuals are dependent on their mobile phones must have contributed greatly to the high popularity this device currently enjoys. Online and land based businesses make the best of this payment method. For instance, private parking businesses can benefit greatly from this solution, as clients can pay for another hour or two by means of their mobile phones. However, if you should decide in favour of this solution, make sure to choose a dedicated partner than can offer you a solid option, avoiding some of the problems that have been reported. In fact, you would be wise to search the market for a trustworthy partner, if you really want to enjoy the many advantages credit card payments in general offer customers. If you are open to a suggestion, then by all means consider Chip and Pin Card Payments, a dedicated company, ready to offer all interested clients a diversity of solutions of this kind. Entrepreneurs that have collaborated with this company in the past have been more than satisfied with the services provided.