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Swimming caps: looking back in time

Each element of this great big world has its history. Whatever it is you might be thinking of, whether it is the remote control or swimming caps, some sort of history does exist. Speaking of swim caps it is relevant to point out the fact that this too has a history of its own and a fun one for that matter. `The need for such a cap started out at the beginning of century. Women were then required to wear such accessories when deciding to go for a swim in the public pool. You must remember that in those times women were very feminine and greatly valued their long hair. They wouldn’t dream about cutting it short. This meant that in case they did not wear a cap their hair could get damaged. Slowly this practical item turned into a fashion accessory.

If you look at photos of women wearing bathing suit, you might notice that in the 50s and 60s, there was no way going for a swim would have happen without some kind of  silicone swimming caps, having a floral pattern. By now it was clear to everyone that a necessity turned into a fashion caprice and women loved it all the more. Although the purpose of the cap was still that of maintaining their curly hair into perfect shape, this item has also been granted with another purpose, one belonging to fashion. However, as time went on and women started cutting off their hair or simply minding it less, swimming caps stated to decrease in popularity. What was once an essential part of a bathing suit became a necessary element, but only for a few people, certainly not all. If you were a professional swimmer or part of a team you could go ahead and start wearing swimming caps. If not, them you weren’t supposed to. Silicone caps are probably the most appreciated of their kind and even though this element in general decreased in popularity, there are still certain regulations that force swimmers to wear them. Going swimming in public pool is one such example in which wearing caps is still considered necessary.

It is difficult to say what the future might bring. What is worth mentioning is that you should never say never when it comes to fashion Trends have a way of their own to come back, over and over. Considering that fashion has much to do with swim caps, it is only fair to assume that when that trend will come back, people will start wearing them in a huge number. For the time being, these can serve perfectly another purpose and that is carrying a message. Through the cap, the swimmer can tell the audience what team he or she is part of or perhaps he can boost about a symbol that fully represents him. SwimPrintUSA is one such online platform with lots to offer customers in terms of swimming caps. On this website you will find caps coming in all sorts of fabrics, colors and patterns, as you can easily personalize them.v