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The basics of high gloss furniture

Furnishing your house is not an easy task and that is probably something you will discover the moment you visit the first dedicated store. There are so many options in terms of style, design, materials and finish that you will soon fell overwhelmed. For this reason, before trying to select your furniture, you need to make a plan. Get informed, talk to an expert and look for inspiration, because this is how you will get the greatest ideas. For instance, one of the latest tendencies in the furniture industry is using high gloss panels. More and more manufacturers purchase materials from suppliers such as Galaxy Panels to create objects such as cabinets, kitchen doors, space partitions, countertops and many others.

What is high gloss furniture?

Taking into consideration that the contemporary style is more and more appreciated when it comes to furniture, manufacturer have been striven to use materials that give objects a classy finish and it seems that high gloss is the best option. With a simple visit in a dedicated store, you will recognise the material in any piece of furniture that has a shiny and highly reflective surface. If you are thinking about a large desk with a super smooth, polished finish, then you are probably thinking about an object made of high gloss laminate panel. The look can be replicated on any piece of furniture, from elegant wardrobes in the bedroom, to sleek kitchen cabinets and glossy media centres. These are ideal for a modern apartment of a house decorated in a minimal style.

Which are the advantages of high gloss furniture?

The first and most obvious advantage of choosing high gloss cabinets and furniture is related to aesthetic. A large shiny piece can transform any room in a contemporary space with a modern air, so in case you are a fan of the minimal style, this option may be the best one for you. You can also combine it with metal or hard wood, for a dramatic effect and an edgy d├ęcor. Furthermore, high gloss furniture is the perfect choice for small rooms, because as same as mirrors and glass, it creates the illusion of wider space. Taking into consideration that it reflects light, it can brighten the room and change its look completely. In addition to this, high gloss panels are very resistant and long lasting. If you think the surface is fragile and easy to damage, because of its neat finish, you could not be more wrong. Besides being beautiful and elegant, you will also be able to enjoy your furniture for a long time.

Where do you find high gloss furniture?

Given the multiple benefits of this finish, many manufacturers are using it for their products. For this reason, there are several stores selling this kind of furniture and also places where you can order custom made pieces. You can get office, kitchen, bedroom or living room furniture, which come in a wide variety of designs and even colours. The lacquer finish will definitely make your home look amazing.