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The benefits of wedding registry

When it comes to weddings, everybody knows that the marrying couple has a lot of things to take care of in advance. On the one hand, there are plenty of things to do when organizing such an event: picking the best venue, deciding if there is going to be a thematic wedding or not, choosing the music, menu, decorations and so on. On the other hand, attending the event is not an easy thing to do either. Most of the times, guests are having troubles when they have to purchase the present for the happy couple, especially those who are close to them and need to pick something meaningful. Given the fact that sometimes, brides have to deal with uninspired gifts, while guests find it difficult to find the ideal present, a new practice has emerged and seems to solve all these issues: wedding registry. This means that with some time before the big day, the couple makes some sort of “wish list” that they share with all the people invited to attend the event, in order for them to know exactly what to get. Even if ages ago, this could seem something inappropriate, nowadays it has become an essential part of weddings in the United Kingdom, and not only.


The list can be made in a certain shopping centre or department store, but there are also certain dedicated platforms, such as Everything Begins, which offer their clients the possibility to choose the most unique products. This means more flexibility and freedom to select from a wider variety of potential gifts – you will not have to stick to a certain brand or price, because you can choose from items that are available in different stores. This represents one of the most important benefits that bridal registry provides, as far as the marrying couple is concerned: they can compile a wish list made exactly of the things they would like to receive. In addition to this, no one will have to deal with getting something they do not like or need, because the registry facilitates the communication between the receivers and the givers – this way each party will know what to expect from the other. Besides this, if the list is efficiently managed (the retailer is obliged to update it after each change), this will prevent duplicate gifts and embarrassing situations.


As you can see, the increasing popularity of this wedding practice is not only due to the benefits it offers to the marrying couple, but also the guests. Very often, people who attend weddings cannot come up with original gift ideas, which is why the bridal gift registry comes to the rescue. All the updates are made automatically, so as soon as an item is bought, it will no longer be available. If the couple wants to add other products gradually, they can also do this. So no more double presents, no more unwanted items or money spent in vain. The whole process is very discreet, and the giver will remain anonymous until the gifts are received.