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The evolution of F2P browser games

Games have come a long way from the days of arcades and if you had told the average gamer that one day he would be able to enjoy limitless hours of entertainment at home, without paying a thing, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. The gaming industry has truly taken off in the past decades, reaching a high level where even the average production can gain millions of fans. This is because games have become more and more complex, evolving from basic concepts with pixelated characters and short storylines to intricate productions that blend art and technology. The best thing about them is that the average level in the gaming industry is high enough for developers to offer great PC RPG games for free, available from the browser.


In the past, people who wanted to play a decent game had to pay for it and install it on a computer that had the minimum system requirements. Now, all it takes is literally a computer. There are countless amazing browser-based games that cost nothing at all and that can be played even from a simple machine. You don’t need to have the most advanced graphics card or gigabytes of internal memory, you simply have to open a new tab in your browser and start playing. Currently, the top F2P MMORPG include League of Angels, Magerealm and Knight’s Fable, which all have one thing in common: they have stunning graphics, gripping storylines and are incredibly fun. Out of the three, League of Angels is also available for mobiles, which is great news for those who want to take fun on the go. One of the reasons why such high quality games are possible is that developers use ads, so they can get profit from these instead of selling the game. Another reason is the advent of social networks such as Facebook. In fact, many popular browser-based RPG games started out as Facebook games and took off because they earned a huge fan base on Facebook. Modern F2P games are more social, allowing players to chat with their friends, which makes the MMORPG experience more personal and enjoyable.


There was a time when free games were not worth the attention because they were too basic in terms of graphics and gameplay, but now standards are much higher and you can enjoy an amazing experience without having to invest in games or gaming equipment. It’s a great way to start your journey into the world of gaming, because you don’t have to invest money into something you might not like. For example, titles released by developers such as Blizzard can be very expensive and you should not buy them based on hype and then discover that you don’t like them. Since there are so many amazing F2P MMORPGs, you can start with those and, if you really love them, invest in paid games. The evolution of F2P browser-games is expected to go even further: the expansion to mobiles and tablets has already begun, because today’s flagships have big displays (5” and more for smartphones) and their processors are powerful enough to support intense gaming for a couple of hours. To discover amazing RPGs, MMORPGs and P2P games, head over to GTArcade.