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The gemstone – a perfect choice for the engagement ring

In a modern world where people take care of using clothes made of organic cotton, eating healthy food and using eco-friendly products, the next step is for them to be concerned about their jewellery and the way it is produced. Recently, it has come to the public’s attention, either through movies or through news, that such beautiful things like diamonds can have their origins in human rights abuses so why not view this problem as a serious one? Diamonds that have their roots in such questionable situations are called blood diamonds and the problem with these precious stones appears at their very beginning, in the mine. They have to be extracted from the earth and in the mining process some practices can that lead to water and soil contamination for a long time. In trying to prevent harmful processes a more ecologically and ethically friendly way to extract the stones is needed, and ethical jewellery represents a good way of benefiting from the earths treasures. People started to ask about the origins of jewellery in or about 1990s when some NGOs brought in the focus the problem of blood diamonds. One of their biggest initiatives was the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme which has as a target, the protection of the integrity of diamond industry, by stopping the conflict diamonds reaching the market. It had as a main goal to avoid providing money for the rebel groups as a “chain of custody” for the precious stones.


The first step a person can do in helping this initiative to become global, is to buy only ethical and responsibly sourced gemstones. When a man wants to start his life besides the woman he loves, he must put a ring on her finger, and if every man will choose an ethical stone for his future bride, the world will become a better place. If a diamond is a too expensive option for the groom to be, then he must take into consideration some alternatives. The tradition with buying a diamond engagement ring was shaken by Kate Middleton sapphire ring, so gemstones can be the right choice because even for a princess. The history of gemstone jewellery dates from the Ancient Greeks and nowadays gemstones are used to manufacture expensive jewellery items. They can be found in different colours, their shade being the result of their atomic structure. Their colour can be enhanced by treatment and depending on the treatment their value can change or not. Heat is used to improve the clarity and colour of the stone and the fissures that may appear on them can be filled with wax or oil.


If deciding to change the usual diamond of the engagement ring with an alternative, the future groom can buy from a company which guarantees its ethical practices, such as He can pick a magnificent purple garnet or a trendy topaz. If he wants a more classic option he can buy a sapphire, a ruby or a emerald ring for his beloved lady. For a romantic and feminine future bride, the morganite is an option and if he wants to make a statement with the colour of the ring, then a rich green emerald, a pinky-red garnet or a deep matte blue lapis lazuli is the best choice. Gemstones are fitted for any taste, and an undecided groom just has to ask his future wife what is her favourite colour and pick the right diamond alternative from a wide palette.