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The growing concern of blood diamonds

An issue of considerable debate at present is the question of whether the natural stones such as diamonds or sapphires that are merchandised actually come from illicit commerce. To begin with, blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, as they are also called, is actually a general term that is used in order to designate the diamonds that re used in order to fin ace wars and other conflicts. The fact is that a small percentage of the diamonds that are commercialized by retailers originate from areas such as Africa that are being controlled by forces that intent to use the benefits derived from the trade of diamonds in order to finance military actions. While this minor amount of diamonds for sale are stained with blood, the same can’t be said about the natural gems sold by Lawson Gems.

This issue was brought to the attention of the public beginning with the year 1990 when there was a serious conflict in the heart of Sierra Leone. Many sources claimed at the time that the world’s general production of diamonds came from this conflict area. This is the reason for which the people that work in the field of jewelry trade have come up with the term of ethical jewellery in order to designate the stones that have been procured from reliable sources and that respect the integrity of the locals. At first glance many may not understand what the consequences of trading illegal diamonds are. The answer is that many rebel groups used and still use to trade in diamonds for ammunition and consequently they terrorize the locals that live in constant fear. The striking reality is that people who are unfortunate enough to be living in the vicinity of military-controlled fields do not benefit at all from the presence of rich mines. On the contrary, they live in poverty and unimaginable conditions due to the fact that all the profit that is gained resulting from the diamond trade go mainly to members of the armed forces and to entities that are specially appointed by the government with the purpose of overseeing the exploitation of the mines.

This is the reason for which concerned retailers such as Lawson Gems deal in ethical jewellery and makes thorough investigations into the country of provenance, as well as providing g the necessary means for the development of mining areas to the benefit of the locals. Furthermore, the harsh reality is that the persons appointed to administer the extraction of diamonds have full access to the mining sites and regardless of international sanctions they exert full control over the production. The international press even states that as a result of illegal trade many people from areas of western Africa have suffered constant abuses from the behalf of diamond thirsty persons. Thanks to the development of the media these abuses have made public over the years and many international organizations have taken measures to correct the situation.