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The importance of kindergarten in your kid’s development

Although there are some states, such as Switzerland, where kindergarten is mandatory by law, there are some other countries where it is not. This means that the educational cycle of children can start around the age of six, when they have to go to the school and attending the first grade classes. However, it has been proven that children who go to crèche or kindergarten before starting school have many chances of success, since they develop certain aptitudes the rest do not have. For this reason, it seems that preschool education plays a crucial role in students’ success, which is why it should not be skipped. The concept of kindergarten first appeared in Germany, where Friedrich Froebel created a dedicated institution which aimed to prepare kids between 3 and 7 for school and help them develop social, mental and personal skills. Since the curriculum provided a lot of benefits, the institution became more and more popular in many countries, such as England, Canada and the United States. In Switzerland, the law obliges parents to take their children to a professional kindergarten, such as JoyFactory.


One of the main benefits of this type of preschool education is that it prepares kids for elementary classes and life in general, by introducing them to a social yet professional environment. It represents the first form of discipline, teaching them to sit, listen and cooperate with others, while also knowing there is a superior authority watching and monitoring them. Most of the daily activities from kinderkrippe Zürich Oerlikon are fun and interactive, because kids get bored much faster than adults, plus they are not aware of the fact that they have to get involved, so there should be something to catch their attention. All these skills are extremely useful, especially in their first years of elementary school, when they will have to adjust their behavior, meet new people and get used to new environment. In addition to this, the kindergarten curriculum sets the basis of a general knowledge, allowing them to assimilate new information as soon as they start going to school.


The early development effects of attending the classes of a kinderkrippe Zürich Seebach can be noticed immediately. After only couple of weeks spent there, kids become more disciplined, their brain starts to work differently and they evolve faster. Scientists say that the frontal lobes are likely to experience a significant growth from the age of 3 until the age of 6, exactly the period when they have to attend kindergarten. This part of the brain is in charge with organization, planning and maintaining attention, which are exactly the soft skills they need during the school years, because these help them learn, focus on the most relevant aspects of a document and connect the dots. As you can see, kindergarten is intended to prepare your kids not only for school, but only for life, by providing them the levers to an early development and influencing their future achievements.