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The main services offered by IP TV

The IP TV (Internet Protocol television) is a modern technology using the same language as internet to create a computer network, in order to deliver television services. This type of technique is suitable to almost any device; being able to integrate the TV, computer, home phone, mobile phone and wireless device so that they can communicate (exchange pieces of information) and thus work together. Needless to say that, since you have all your devices (including the TV) on the same page and using the same system you will also get more performance and efficiency. Even if the method is relatively new, it is constantly evolving, because experts strive to improve their products. Its popularity has increased a lot in the past years, due to its many assets, and there are more and more companies, such as MASA IPTV offering qualitative services. In case you are interested in this product of modern technology and you sign a contract with a reputable service provider, you will receive a series of unique features, more control, flexibility and customization of your packs.


In case you are wondering which the difference between the traditional cable technology and the IP TV is, you should know that things are actually very simple: instead of the terrestrial satellite signal (used by normal broadcasting services), the new technology uses packet-switched network, such as internet or LAN. All you need to have is an internet TV box, which will offer you the possibility to wirelessly connect the devices. When it comes to IP TV services, you should know that these are classified in three main categories, each group designating one of the features you will benefit from, in case you opt for this transmission method. To begin with, you will receive live television. This means that you will have access to any TV show, movie, and so on in real time, without having to record it and see it later. The second category includes time-shifted television – a feature that enables you to see any TV show from IP TV channels, even if they have been on screen hours or days before. This way, you will be able to catch up in case you have missed any TV program, because the shows are recorded and will be replayed whenever you want and can watch them. In addition to this, you can even choose which part of the show you want to see – you can see it from the beginning, or if you are interested in a certain segment, you can select that particular sector and skip the rest without any problem. the third feature, VOD (video on demand), allows users to search in a catalog of diverse videos, which sometimes have no connection with TV programming.


As you can see, this modern broadcasting technology provides multiple flexible services, which will definitely improve your experience, as a user. All you have to do is opt for this less conventional method, and you get personalized packs and high-speed access to a wide variety channels. All your devices will be linked in a unique network, so that you will have everything displayed on your TV screen.