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The meaning of blue topaz

Blue topaz has always been a popular gemstone and has captivated humans from early times. If we take into consideration ancient beliefs and modern superstitions, the meaning of blue topaz is truly inspiring. In fact, blue topaz rings are considered a great way of expressing your innermost feelings to people you love. The gemstone becomes a constant reminder of your love, so it can be the perfect gift. In the past, the meaning of a blue topaz gained an almost scared connotation, but nowadays, its meaning is more or less symbolic. People find the significance of gemstones relevant today, but reinterpret the ancient beliefs in a different way. For instance, we find out from legends that garnet jewelry works as talismans. In folklore, garnet rings have strong curative powers, not to mention that they were used for protection. Nowadays, few people believe in the power of protection of the gem, but they use its ancient significance to show their loved ones their desire to protect them. Garnet rings are great gifts for people that are leaving in a foreign country.


The meaning of a blue topaz ring is different. The beautiful blue color of the gem invokes the image of the sky, water and wind. This color represents a quiet and calm energy opposing negative and chaotic emotions. This is why this gemstone is often gifted to understanding, creative and communicative people. While some people prefer to offer presents that represent the receiver, others choose to offer blue topaz rings with a different meaning. This gem enhances harmony and relaxation, so it is a great gift idea for people that have been hurt and need to soothe their feelings. Simply looking at the beautiful blue color of the gemstone will help you relax. It is believed that this gem gas the power to protect the wearer against nightmares, so people that suffer from restless sleep and insomnia receive the gem with the hope that their will enjoy restful and serene sleep. You can order this gem from online supplier like ImaniGems. The gem will also help calming nerves, so giving it to people that need to take a test or go through a difficult time is also a great idea. What is more, the gem is also known for its ability to help people concentrate.


Old Hindi beliefs teaches us that blue topaz is ideal for channeling our thoughts, so it was used by spiritualists to help them meditate. The blue color is also very comforting, so it is believed that the wearer will become an effective communicator. If a person you know needs to deliver a speech or go job hunting, a blue topaz will help him calm down and cool his or her head and at the same time, it will make the audience more receptive. However, a blue topaz ring received from your partner has another significance. It symbolizes clarity of feelings, eternal romance, honesty and a very deep emotional attachment