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The symptoms of a failing water pump that you should know about

A broken water pump is a very common problem in households that has multiple solutions and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance during the years. Even though, you must be aware of the signs that tell you the water pump is starting to go bad. These signs are often very subtle, which means you will need to pay extra attention to some factors that may give you details about your water pump’s state at the moment. The same symptoms usually appear in the case of other types of pumps, such as vacuum or sewage ones. Pay attention to them and you will know when the pump needs a repair or when it needs to be changed entirely:

Unhealthy circulation or clogging. Clogging is often occurred in the case of vacuum pumps and it is often encountered when the circulation in and outside the pump is not in a good state. If the circulation is not constant and you start noticing a heat buildup, it might mean that you need to verify the circulation of your water pump and see whether it works the way it is supposed or not. In most cases, the problem comes from the drive belt and a simple replacement should make the problem go away.

A lot of noise. In case you notice that the sewage pump or the water pump is generating a lot of noise, it is probably because the accessory belt became loose and it needs to be tightened or replace. The more accelerated the pump is, the higher the noise will be, and you are definitely going to notice the difference in the long run. A bad noise can also be produced by an affected motor, which is a more serious problem that can lead to changing the entire pump. If the noise continues even after changing the belt, a mechanic should take a look at the motor. There are companies that offer sewage submersible pumps repair services which represent the easiest way to fix the noise issue.

Too much steam. Smoke or steam are two elements that should make you hurry with the repair of the pump. The radiator is the one generating either smoke or steam, which is a sign that the pump’s motor requires assistance. The motor gets extremely hot, which causes the radiator to release smoke or steam in the air (it depends on the type of pump – submersible or not). In order to check out the problem, the pump must be turned off and the engine needs rest to become cool. Once it is cool, the checkup can be safely done.

Leakages. This is not necessarily a sign that the pump is going out of use, but it is a sign that it started to deteriorate and it needs proper maintenance. Leakages are pretty common as a water pump issue and they are the most obvious symptoms that it needs repair. The coolant is usually colored green, so the leakage should be green (or the color of your coolant). Edison Parker specialists can tell you more about such issues.