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Things any beginner needs to know about Lightroom presets

Contrary to the common belief, a photographer’s work does not involve only choosing the right angles, using the lights in your favor and making sure people in front of the camera are in a good mood. Besides the actual process of taking the best pictures, a great part of a professional photographer’s job is to process the pictures once they are ready. For this reason, most photographers are constantly looking for creative and efficient tools they can use in order to adjust the pictures. Fortunately, nowadays specialized programs are so performing that they provide users a large number of possibilities and alternatives. Photoshop is maybe the most reputable graphic editor available at the moment, and people all around the world are aware of the best Photoshop actions, which can help them get better pictures easier. These represent a series of steps, which have the purpose of creating a certain look, without the photographer applying manually each process. This way, with only the click of a button, the photos are immediately improved.

The same system is used for Lightroom, another useful tool that any photographer should know about. The program was created by the same company as Photoshop, so Adobe Lightroom presets are the easiest manner through which you can get exactly the look you want on portraits, wedding, landscapes or fashion pictures. Using such an automated program will help you spend more time actually taking pictures than processing and adjusting them, so you have to choose wisely the “filters” you decide to use. As far as the presets are concerned, Lightroom comes with many suggestions which have been created previously by other users, but you can also create your own ones. In addition to this, there are certain companies, such as BeArt-Presets, that offer certain presets free of any charge. The tool is very easy to use, once you download it in your computer: all you have to do is go through the images and choose a preset, instead of adding one filter over another in order to get the most suitable look.


In case you are just a beginner in the photography domain, and you do not want to pay to get Lightroom presets, then you should make a small research and find the best free ones available online. There are more than 300 free such filters, which are extremely useful for those who are not ready to invest in professional tools, because they are just casual photographers. However, these free presets are very efficient and original, in spite of the fact that you will not have to pay to use them. in order to make sure you do not waste time downloading them, you should know that the most popular are Sepia (Chic and Chic 2), Basic Bam (1, 2 and Modern Aged), Ultimate Fighter (1 and 2) and Pretty Presets Autumn. These will adjust the color palette, the lights and the contract, enriching your pictures with a bit more style and sharpness. However, remember that each preset is suitable to a certain type of pic (portrait, wedding etc), so make sure you choose them accordingly.