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Things you need to know about home healthcare

Home healthcare has become one of the most popular forms of care giving from the past years, since it offers patients both professional help and comfort. Nowadays, there are plenty of institutions and organizations providing this type of services, and while some of these do these only in their clients’ homes, other also have staff that takes care of patients in hospitals, nursery homes and other medical facilities. This method has become so popular in many parts of the world due to its many benefits, but before deciding if you need this for you or any of your family members, there are some things you should understand about this practice. To begin with, even if many people confuse it with simple home care, the two services are actually completely different. Home care means that the “patient” can continue to live in their own house, and they receive help and support in order to get along with their day to day habits, without including any medical services. Sometimes, the care giver can even relocate and start living with the person they are in charge of, in case their condition requires this.


Needless, to say that, to some extent, the two practices coincide, since they both aim to offer patients home care assistance and support, although one of them also includes medical services. On the one hand, when it comes to home care, the people who deliver the services do not have specialized preparation, they are just helping patients perform some common tasks such as eating, doing laundry or using appliances. On the other hand, home health care also consists in a series of health services, for patients who have suffered from an injury or an illness. To sum up, while a care giver will help the patient to remember to take their pills, a health care professional will also be entitled to adjust the prescriptions and change their treatment. As compared to the medical assistance the individuals would receive in hospitals or specialized clinics, home services are less expensive and much more convenient. In addition to this, the patients get exactly the same efficiency and professionalism, since they are taken care of by skilled nurses, who have a specialized certification in the medical field. In case the patient is reluctant to traditional hospitalization and prefers to remain at home, home care services are the perfect alternatives. These include wound care (resulting from an injury or after a surgery), patient education, nutrition therapy (sometimes through venous infusions), injections and illness state monitoring.


Access Healthcare Services Inc. is one of the Canadian organizations that offer the most reputable home health care services for those who live in Eastern Ontario. The professionals who work here strive to improve their patients’ condition and lifestyle, while also allowing them to maintain their independence and self-respect. Any person can get in touch with this type of organizations, be it individually or through a referral given by the general doctor, hospital or medical facility. If you need medical care services at home, together with the referral you are also likely to receive a list of the dedicated agencies from your region.