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Things you should know about vaginal tightening

Having a loose vagina is something a lot of women complain about, since it is a problem that lowers their self-esteem and influences their sex life. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of solutions for those who want to tighten their vaginas, from surgical interventions to pills. Vaginal tightening means the adjustment of the pelvic area, in order to obtain a certain degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. In some cases, these muscles lose their ability to contract (and maintain the continence) or relax (to allow bowel movements or urination, during sex or giving birth). Although few people know, woman’s pelvic muscles also play an important role in supporting and protecting the organs located in the abdomen, as well as in maintaining the bladder in the right place. As you can see, even if vaginal tightening products seem to be used only for a sexual reason, sometimes this happens for medical reasons too, to prevent vaginal prolapse.


The vagina is an elastic organ made of muscles, which are likely to get loose over time and the causes are diverse. Some women are prone to the loosening of their perineum (a group of muscles and ligaments), especially the main muscle, named the Pubococcygeus or the PC. The group is situated between the pubic bone and the coccyx and is aimed to support the pelvic organs, acting like a rubber band. The muscles and ligaments need to be flexible, nor too tight (because this leads to pelvic disorders) or too loose (since this affects their main functions). The elasticity of these muscles varies from one woman to another and is also affected by different factors, such as ageing, birth giving and so on. The most common cause of a weakened perineum is aging and pregnancy, especially after a difficult childbirth, which is known to affect the muscles. In addition to this, multiple childbirths, especially taking place in a short period of time, can tear or overstretch the muscles, resulting in a loose vagina. Another common cause is the lack of activity, because as same as any other muscle of the human body, the pelvic muscle needs exercising in order to maintain its proper functions. Some of the things that can also damage the vaginal muscles are chronic constipation or cough, overweight and long term straining.


In case the muscles get loose or the vagina feels too big, vaginal tightening can be obtained through many different methods, more or less invasive. For instance, the vagina tightening wand represents an innovative product that allows women all around the world to regain elasticity, eliminate dryness and increase libido. offers this and many other specialized products, such as pills, kits, capsules, gels or stimulating devices. These are completely safe and are less invasive than a surgery, for instance, and if you follow the treatment accordingly, the results may be permanent. Furthermore, they will help you improve your sex life, avoid awkward situations and also potential diseases.