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Tips for buying gems online

In case you are passionate about handcrafting jewellery or you are planning to start a business dedicated to hand made accessories, then buying gems is something you will have to do. If you are wondering which your alternatives are, you should know that one of the most popular is, of course, purchasing from an online store. This may seem complicated, but it is actually really simple, once you find a reputable supplier, such as Lawson Gems. Getting your raw material from a virtual store is better than from a brick and mortar shop, because it offers you more flexibility and freedom to choose. Online sellers form all around the world provide a wide variety of precious or semi-precious gemstones, so you are likely to find anything you are looking for. However, it is extremely important to pay attention and keep in mind the steps of the purchasing process, in order to make a good deal.

Gems are a category consisting in hundreds of types of stones, so first of all you have to decide which type of stones you are interested in: faceted stones, cabochons, carvings and so on. This piece of information is very important and will prove very useful the moment you choose a retailer and place the order. The choice depends a lot on what you intend to do after you buy gemstones, because each type of product has its own particularities and features, which is why the purpose has to be established in advance. There are some important aspects you have to consider before making a decision, such as the origin of the stones and their state. The first characteristic means that you will have to pick an authorised supplier, in order to avoid further legal issues. As far as the state is concerned, this will help you a lot the moment you decide to process and shape them: rough and uncut gems, for instance, are more difficult to modify and require professional processing, while those that are cut and enhanced are easier to use for handmade projects. If you do decide to buy gems that belong to the first category, you have to keep in mind that you may find it difficult to cut them, unless you have specialized tools and performing devices. You can also collaborate with an experienced jeweller, but keep in mind that this will also cost you some money, so add this expense to the total budget of your project. Another important thing you should consider is represented by the facets and shapes – for sparking jewellery; you should choose a multifaceted gem, while artisanal accessories should be made of rough shaped stones, which look more natural.


Last but not least, remember that as same as any other product, gems vary in terms of quality, so even if you will have to invest a bit, you should choose quality over quantity. This will influence the final result, transforming a simple accessory into a valuable object. All these tips should be considered, so make sure you read about the topic before you order online, if you are not familiarised with it.