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To do list on a Cozumel trip

Cozumel is one of the oldest islands from the Caribbean group and is located 12 miles in the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It has vast expanses of shoreline and untouched jungle. Thanks to the stunning coral reefs, this island is found in top 5 dive destinations in the world. Thinking that it has unusually clear water that offers 200 ft. visibility, Cozumel provides fabulous underwater adventures in more than 100 diving places. For snorkeling, you have to consider going in one of the Cozumel tours by boat. One of the best locations on the island for diving and snorkeling is Arrecife Palancar, which is also a beautiful beach where you can rent sailboats, snorkel gear, kayaks and hydro bikes. While snorkeling in the Palancar reef you can see coral formations, tropical fish and different types of sea life. If you choose to go on a snorkeling adventure provided by one of the firms from the island, you may receive soft drinks, margaritas and cold beer after seeing the reef.

You can go on amazing Cozumel excursions, and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. Take a once in a lifetime adventure and go to meet these smart animals. Enjoy their hugs, kisses, songs and dorsal Tow. Another excursion can be made in El Cielo Cozumel, which is about a mile from the island’s shore and is accessible only by boat. This “Heaven” is the clear water where stingrays and starfish have their home. If you want to see the breath-taking part of the island then the Wild Side is the perfect place to visit. In a single day, you can enjoy the off-road jungle terrain, hidden water caves, deserted beaches and rock formations. From the lighthouse located in Punta Sur Park, you can capture the Mayan ruins, pink flamingos, alligators and amazing sights of the island landscape. You have to visit El Cedral, which was built on the ruins of the oldest Mayan buildings. It has the size of a small house and you can visit it by renting a car. In the El Cedar village tales place a fair which is called “Feria El Cedar”, where take place rooster fights, horse racing, bullfights, rodeo, and concerts. If you are going to arrive on the island on April then pin on your “To do” list this fair.

If you are an adventurous person Cozumel is the perfect destination. You can explore Punta Sur Ecological Reserve by a Jeep tour. This park offers you the view of wonderful and diverse natural landscapes, and numerous beach area. You can book one of these excursions from Olympus Tours and see the snorkel area on the west coast and the beaches from the east one. You have to know that from May to October the beaches from the east side serve as the nesting place for turtles. In this Jeep trip, you can also visit the San Gervasio Mayan ruin. You can hear different whistles because of the imbedded conch shells from the walls and the wind that goes through them. Cozumel is the perfect destination for the ones that want to be surprised by the destination they’ve chosen for the holiday.