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Understanding just how much you’re worth

Most of the times people are completely unaware of the salaries that other that work in the same industry as them are paid. While you may wonder why it is necessary to know how much others are making as consultants in the oil industry, you should consider the following: your skills and abilities are worth more than you think. The fact is that although many people are in the same line of work, not all of them receive the same wages. Taking into consideration the fact that the paycheck is the equivalent of the services that you provide for a consulting agency, you need to make sure that your salary day rate is fair.

The first thing you should do is not to make the mistake of comparing your value based on the job title alone. The reason for this is that titles have different responsibilities associated to them. To put it in other words, if you work as a consultant for a reputable agency, you have different responsibilities than others who work in other firms. It all depends on the responsibilities that the employer assigns you. This is why many are amazed to find out that they are performing contrasting jobs, although they have the same title. If you are determined to find out how much other earn in the oil consulting industry, then you can visit sites such as and present your findings to the employer. When looking on such websites it is important to verify the accuracy of the results. The main point is finding out your true market value not only to have the necessary confidence to negotiate with your boss, but also for your self-confidence as well. On the other hand, you can also consider making an evaluation of your personal skills and performance. It is important to remain objective because you have to deserve the raise that you are demanding. Moreover, the personal evaluation will help you sell yourself better to the employer. Those who are at the beginning of their job should take into consideration the fact that their skills are only starting to develop.

Many people completely overlook the fact that colleague relationships are equally important at the workplace. More precisely, your value is not increased only by the diplomas and certifications, but by things such as attitude and teamwork. As long as you poses these qualities, you needn’t worry. Only expect a higher pay if you are a true addition to the consulting agency. After completing an analysis of your personal skills, you can determine your value on the market. Companies such as Day-Rate provide consultants with accurate survey so that they will clearly know if they are being paid fair. If the manager is not able to offer you reasonable explanations for his pay practices, then it’s time to go somewhere else or even consider becoming an independent consulting agent. To conclude, competition is good because it motivates you to evolve and increase both your performance and your salary.