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Warehouse shelving: which are the best options?

Warehouses and storage units play an important role for any distribution company. If the storage space is not well organised, this means that it is not used at its maximum capacity, so there will be a decrease in terms of productivity. There are plenty of issues that can be overcome if you use efficient storage solutions, such as over-congested areas, products staged in the middle of the aisles or narrow spaces that remain unused. If these are situations that you encounter on a daily basis, then it is probably time to start considering a remodelling plan and some aisle changes, in order to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies, such as Rapid Racking, that can help you develop your project, deliver the products and have them installed quickly and with minimum disruption to your daily operations. Many warehouses and storage areas face space limitations, but more often than not these can be surmounted by a change in storage systems. Here are some of the best ideas you could implement, in order to maximise the warehouse capacity and streamline your activity.


Redesign the operating aisles

The operating aisles should be defined by three main elements: the type of machines you use for the inbound and outbound activities, the size of the pallets handled and the flexibility provided by the layout of the shelving systems or the manner in which they are aligned. So if you want to increase space by adjusting the aisles, you will have to change a little something about each of these. To begin with, you will have to narrow the aisles, but remember that this will reduce the operating environment. After you reduce the space between the pallets, you will need to get the smoothest and most flexible manipulation pieces of equipment, which should also offer you access to the highest storage locations. If you cannot afford to get new forklift trucks, then you should probably think about another alternative, as cost-effectiveness is very important when it comes to changes in warehouse storage.


Install single deep selective racking

Single deep selective racking is the most common system used for warehouse shelving, due to the fact that it’s ideal for small to medium sized warehouses and that is what most businesses today have at their disposal. It’s also quite flexible, especially when it comes to access to goods, providing easy access way from both sides. In addition, this type of shelving can be easily extended should you storage needs grow and it can also be quickly relocated. Selective racking also allows you to operate with many types of forklifts to fill in the pallets and they are extremely affordable and easy to maintain.


Try mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are a great alternative if you need to maximise storage space in a wide, high warehouse. This type of system is a semi-permanent construction, installed inside a building between two permanent storeys, for different purposes. When it comes to industrial storage, this additional structure can help you double or even tripe the original space you had available, since it creates another level in the same room. Mezzanine floors are generally made from resistant materials, which means you can even use them for heavy machinery.