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What is the Ideal Gazebo for a Sikh Destination Wedding?

What is the Ideal Gazebo for a Sikh Destination Wedding?


Destination Sikh Weddings have become popular in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean in general. As a Destination Wedding Sikh Priest, Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela have officiated Anand Karaj ceremonies at these exotic tropical resorts and wanted to share some of the popular Gazebo locations that you may want to consider for your destination wedding.

Some Factors to Consider when Choosing your Ideal Gazebo:

  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Will your guests be seated inside or outside the gazebo?
  • Will those guests seated outside the gazebo be covered from the elements?
  • Does the gusty wind pick up in the morning in the gazebo location?
  • When is the rainy season?
  • How far is the gazebo from the guest rooms?
  • Will guests have to travel in local resort carts to the ceremony?
  • Is there a meeting area for the guests to congregate before the ceremony for the Milnee?
  • Are the guests going to sit on the floor, chairs or both?
  • Will there be enough room in the gazebo if you are going to use a Mandap or set up a stage?

*These are just a trickle to get you started, Contact us if you need first hand advice*

For over 20 years Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela Kaur have conducted traditional Sikh Weddings at destinations around the globe. They have vast experience in what is entailed in creating a respectful, traditional Destination Sikh Wedding outside the Gurudwara. They design and deliver their wedding ceremonies with the utmost integrity, with a compulsive attention to detail, their goal being to exceed the dream and vision of their client giving the Sangat a deeply moving experience.

Couples who are looking for a Sikh Wedding Priest who is caring, reliable, understanding, and accommodating will love their expertise and passion brought to the Anand Karaj. Their one hour Punjabi and English Sikh Wedding is extremely engaging. Based in Vancouver, Canada, they know how to bring Destination Weddings to life in any part of the world

Contact them to find the ideal gazebo location for your Sikh Destination Wedding. Their extensive Destination Wedding experience is a welcome relief for couples, allowing them to enjoy a stress free ceremony –