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When should you consider total knee replacement?

In the past, people suffering from arthritis or severe knee injuries had to live in pain for the rest of their lives. Managing the pain with medicine has a limit, so people with severely damaged knees tend to lose their mobility completely. Nowadays, when recuperation is no longer possible, orthopaedists recommend total knee replacement. The joint replacement surgery is not only effective, but also safe. The procedure relieves the pain and correct deformities, helping patients to regain their mobility. The improvements in surgical materials have increased the efficiency of total knee replacement interventions greatly in the past few years making it the most successful procedure in medicine. Chronic knee pain is the main reason why people choose to undergo surgery and replace their knee joints, but leg deformity is also a condition that can be cured with total knee replacement. However, this knee operation is not always the best solution. The condition of the knee, the age of the patient and his or her medical record are all taken into consideration when establishing whether he or she requires a joint replacement or other treatment methods would be better.


Surgery is generally recommended as a last resort, but total knee replacement is a decision one gets to make in cooperation with their orthopaedic surgeon. Listening to the advice of the surgeon comes first, but the decision ultimately belongs to the patient. Knee operation is recommended when you suffer from severe or chronic pain that limit your mobility and daily activities. Some people are in pain even when sitting and laying down. If you find it hard to walk, sit down and perform simple movements, it is a good enough reason to consider total knee replacement. After surgery and recuperation, the pain will be non-existent and you will regain your mobility completely. This surgery can make a big difference, greatly improving the quality of life of the patients. Feeling severe pain when performing certain actions is the most common reason why people choose this intervention, but knee replacement specialists also recommend surgery when the patients feel moderate pain when simply lying down and resting.


People that suffer from chronic knee inflammation are also recommended to go for a knee operation, not to mention that knee deformities can only be cured with this method. Even if the above mentioned do not apply to your case, you can still ask your physician or orthopaedic surgeon about total knee replacement, if all other treatments failed. If the knee is severely damaged and no improvements are made with medication and other treatments such as cortisone injections, your doctor can recommend total knee replacement to solve your problem, no matter the level of pain you feel in your condition. It is important to seek the advice of a joint replacement specialist to ensure that you fully understand all the details of the intervention, Orthopaedic clinics such as offer doctor to patient consultations to discuss whether total joint replacement is something you need.