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Which credit card payment machines are recommended for restaurants?

The recent changes in tech have influenced every field of activity and made people change their daily life. The latest technologies are fast, smart, wireless and you can see this trend in the business world most of all. The shift to credit card payments is one of the major responsibilities that any business owner should consider, regardless the field of experience; it’s not just retail shops that need to invest in a credit card machine, but restaurants as well. Once your restaurant accepts credit cards, your business in likely to prosper, attracting more customers and aligning itself with advanced payment technologies. However, the simple action of buying such a machine is not always enough to reap all the benefits involved. Today’s credit card payment processing are advanced enough to provide multiple solutions, depending on the needs of each clients. There are several options that you can choose from, but not all of them are right for restaurants.


Most people are familiar with countertop machines, which have been used for several years now, but their way of functioning is more suitable for stores and supermarkets rather than eating establishments. Countertop machines are installed in a fixed location and cannot be moved, which means that the customers has to walk to the counter to make the payment. This is not preferable, especially if you have a larger restaurant and customers might queue to pay. The standard solution for restaurants is the portable credit card machine, which is easy to use and allows customers to pay right from their seats. More and more people prefer paying with credit cards rather than real money, so by refusing the possibility of payment machines, you are actually harming your own establishment. Very few restaurants can afford to be cash only and they are not popular at all. In fact, many customers order more than they could have afforded in cash and then have to walk out to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. This is not an experience that anyone would like to go through after a night out, so it’s advisable to accept credit cards.


If you are willing to go the extra mile and offer more than the standard solution, then you should consider upgrading to a mobile credit card payment machine. Like the name would suggest, it is specially created to be compatible with mobile phones. In this day and age, when more and more phone operating systems have NFC technology, people can send payments with their smartphones, by typing the PIN code or using finger print authentication. Experts say that this is the future of payments and that any forward thinking and ambitious business should consider investing in mobile terminals at one point in the future. There are many professional companies that provide scalable solutions adapted to the needs of small and large business, so if you want to stop using a cash-only policy, turn to providers such as, who have everything from countertop to mobile terminals.