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Who came up with the idea of bounce houses?

To begin with, there is not a children’s party that does not have a bounce house. Parents will do almost anything in order to make their kids happy and this includes installing a gigantic inflammable house. Up to this point it is very clear that children adore playing in these inflatable pieces that can be found in any shape such as castles, moonwalks and inflatable rides. The reality always surprises and the fact is that not even adults are strangers to inflatable houses. Besides this, there are many bounce house rentals Joliet and you will have access to pluses such as ice cream that will truly spice up the party. The whole essence of an inflatable castle is the fact that you can jump up and down while at the same time feeling like a child. The really interesting thing to know is how this form of entertaining was developed.

The person that is responsible for the invention of the inflatable structure is John Scurlock. In the year of 1962, he was engaged in the design of tennis court covers and in the course of the process he experimented with different types of materials until he came to work with inflatable covers. At the basis of his training John Scurlock was a mechanical engineer and he also manifested a passion for physics. He was an innovator in the field of inflatable domes, tents and so on, not to mention the fact that he pioneer of the safety air cushion which is used at present in order to rescue people from emergency situations. What he noticed was the fact that his staff derived great pleasure from jumping on the covers that he had designed. Consequently, he dedicated his time to building a bouncer destined to be used by children, which ultimately lead to the founding of the moonwalk business, presently known as Space Walk. This was done with the help of his son that was the one who came up with the concept of renting out the bounce house. The Oak Lawn bounce house is actually the descendant of John Scurlock’s moonwalk.

In the beginning, the design pattern did not feature walls and they were not added till the year 1969 when the invention comprised two inflatable fans that were destined to for the mattress and the wall. At that time the windows were manufactured from sheer plastic and animal shapes came to life many years after that. Equally important is the fact that English students also came up with a very similar idea in the sense that they managed to build an inflatable tent with the occasion of a fund raiser. In conclusion, it is very clear that the idea of an inflatable tent is not new and the idea of renting out tents and castles has been adopted by companies such as Bouncy & I.C. Party Rentals that provides the key ingredient to any successful party. Both children and adults take much pleasure in the basic act of jumping up and down, thus making it appropriate for all ages.