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Why do new families need a financial adviser?

Starting a family, especially in your twenties, feels like embarking on a new and exciting journey: you want to build the perfect home, with a garden and a terrace, travel the world with your spouse, see your children grow without a care in the world and age gracefully knowing that you have secured their future. This is, without a doubt, one of the dreams that most young families hope to fulfil, but, unfortunately, the number of people who manage to do so is disappointingly low. After the mirage of the honeymoon fades, many couples discover that nothing can be achieved without financial stability and soon find themselves crippled by debt, not knowing how to manage their daily expensive and still plan for their future. These problems are mostly due to the economy, but sometimes the lack of thorough wealth management and financial planning is to blame. This is where financial advisers can help.


Contrary to popular belief, the services of a financial adviser Adelaide expert are not just for companies. Families also need professional support and guidance because, unlike enterprises, they do not have finance or accounting departments, yet they can face grave consequences if they cannot deal with financial pressure. The services of a financial adviser include strategic wealth management and financial planning; these are the same solutions as the ones offered to companies, but they are adapted to the specific needs of family life. Topics such as superannuation, health insurance, retirement planning and aged care can be quite complicated and overwhelming and many families find it hard to get around them while at the same time working to support the family. By working with a professional who offers financial advice Adelaide, young spouses can secure their future without making compromising on the pleasures of family life. Advisers provide help every step of the way, based on each family’s specific situation, so that they have all their financial affairs in order, on time. This way, should something unexpected happen, they do not have to reorganise their entire life.


More often than not, couples make the mistake of postponing issues such as insurance or retirement planning, thinking that they have enough time for this later in life. Advisers provide personalised support with these matters, so that they can be organised on time, before it is too late. Moreover, they can provide assistance with daily cash flow management, so that families can cover all their expenses based on priorities and save money in a smart and streamlined way. The bottom line is that young couples should start planning today to avoid financial difficulties in the future. Nowadays, it is much easier to obtain financial advice than it was in the past, especially from specialised companies such as Limetree WM. Their services are targeted mainly at newly established families and young professionals and their mission is to take stress out of the equation when preparing for the future.