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Why do women buy bridal garters?

A wedding does involve plenty of planning. As a bride, you have even more aspects to consider as opposed to your future husband. There is the dress, the jewelry, the bouquet, the shoes, the makeup and hair and there is even a little thing called the bridal garter. For one reason or another, women choose to buy bridal garters sets for their weddings. So much did this custom grew and expanded that there are more than enough providers out there, ready to offer interested clients various products of this kind, exquisite, unique sets, which will certainly impress the soon to be husband. Still, for outsiders and especially those that are a bit conservative, the reason for which bridal garters are so appreciated remains unknown. Thus, it might be a good idea to shade some light upon this topic. So, here is the explanation for which all women consider purchasing garters in their most important day and providers struggle to offer as many choices in this regard as possible.


Garters have a very clear function to fulfill. It is not necessarily a piece that should be sensual, although this is the manner in which it has been interpreted in the last few years. Garters were initially used to hold stockings up. As time went by and other types of stockings appeared, women looked at garters as a vintage item, one that reminded simply as a fashion trend that was no longer popular. Slowly, but surely, belt stockings gained a completely new meaning, becoming highly elegant pieces, used for special events, such as weddings. Of course, there is the aspect of tradition, which is rather relevant in making the more conservative audience understand exactly why women buy bridal garters. As you know very well know, in a wedding, several traditions have to be fulfilled. Even though these traditions do not have a great relevance for the couple or for their guests, it is still fun performing them. For instance, there is the throwing of the bouquet, in which bridesmaids or single women invited at the wedding line up and hope to catch the bouquet belonging to the bride. The one that catches the bouquet is said to be next in line to marry.


To much of your surprise, it is the same tradition in the case of the garter, only this time, it is the groom that has to throw the garter towards the guests. Single men line up and try to catch. The one that succeeds is next to be married. Of course, these days, taking off the garter is thought to be more amusing than actually catching it. As expected, the bride takes great interest in finding the right garter, one that fits in with the theme of the wedding and that is unique in design. Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are so many providers out there, ready to offer their clients great looking products. If you looking to buy a garter of your own, one that is of a high quality, with a great design, you should definitely collaborate with Bling Bride Betty. This is one provider that does not disappoint and the website is there to prove it.