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Why does the Dominican Republic dominate Caribbean tourism?

It is not a secret to anyone that the Dominican Republic is the most visited country in Latin America. The island has gained its reputation due to places such as Puerto Plata that give you access to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The number of tourists that become attracted by the fashionableness of the tropical island has substantially grown in recent years to the point that the Dominican Republic is now the number one attraction that Caribbean tourism has to offer, ranking higher than the tours to Cancun. Thanks to the sustained efforts that the government has put in the renovation of the transportation and communication infrastructure, but not only, it has become the ultimate vacation destination. If you are interested in escaping into a modern paradise, the following facts will help you make up your mind.

The Dominican Republic caters to the needs of both rich persons and those who are on a tight budget, but still want to enjoy a memorable vacation. More precisely, hotel accommodation comprises properties that are more affordable and deluxe residences fit for the upper classes. If you collaborate with responsible travel agencies such as Olympus Tours, the accommodation is taken care of for you so that you don’t have to surf the web to find good deals. The presence of well-established brands and new arrivals are mostly responsible for the competitive prices, which means that you won’t have to spend a fortune in order to enjoy comfortable accommodation. While in the past it would have been difficult to reach the destination, now the tourist can land on any of the seven international airports that ensure the connection with the U.S. It is obvious that the high number of airports not only supports international tourism, but the local economy as well. The government has contributed considerably to the reconstruction of highways as well with the purpose of connecting small towns to major ones. This way, the tourist can travel from one place to another without trouble and he is no more bound to the premises of a specific location, especially if he desires to explore the surroundings.

The popularity of the Dominican Republic is mainly due to tourist resorts such as Puerto Plata. Although the region is hidden somewhere on the north coast, it is no less tempting. The main difference between this tourist destination and all the others is the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds it. When tourists come to Puerto Plata, they are not driven necessarily by a hunger for adventure, but they are rather looking forward to escape the busy towns. The tranquil atmosphere is ensured by its convenient location. Typical Puerto Plata activities include swimming in the aquamarine sea, mountain biking and participating in cultural festivals that feature merengue and even jazz music. To sum up, the Dominica Republic is by far the most fashionable tourist destination because you can find here suitable accommodation, means of transportation and idyllic views such those provided by places such as Puerto Plata.