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Why should you hire SWPPP narratives experts?

SWPPP narratives are challenging to develop, because each State permit is slightly different and avoiding compliance problems is not easy. It is common knowledge that operators of an industrial facility or construction site are required to develop a storm water pollution prevention plan that fully complies with NPDES regulations, but only professionals are capable of making a SWPPP narration of superior quality. Storm water runoff is the accumulation of water from rain and snowmelt that does not infiltrate into the ground fast enough impacting storage and conveyance systems. When creating buildings, roads and any other impervious surfaces, the hydrology of the land is affected making it less capable of absorbing water and causing storm water runoffs. Storm water drainage solutions are essential in these cases and SWPPPs eliminate the risks of runoff and pollutant loads. While storm water runoff gathers industrial pollutants and discharges them into water systems, the environmental and health issues of converting undeveloped areas to habitable land with impervious surfaces need to be controlled and regulated. This is why all sites, including those less than 5 Acres, need to have an SWPPP developed.


The storm water pollution prevention plan includes extensive paperwork and applicable regulatory documents such as the Notice of Intent and Notice of Termination, as well as a site inspection form. A SWPPP narrative expert will take care of all the paperwork, as well as provide a solution for the actual inspection. While some companies also offer inspection services, other companies such as provide a documentation that allows you to delegate inspection responsibility to your own site personnel , saving you money. Authorities responsible with verifying your site will not fine the company making the inspection, so it is in your best interest to choose the latter option and make an honest inspection. If your company is liable and you have the choice to complete the inspection without paying others, it is clear that you should take advantage of this opportunity to save money, because you have nothing to lose.


Another reason why you should resort to specialist help to create a SWPPP that meets NPDES regulations is the fact that these companies can also help you install BMPs such as slit fences and inlet protection. Some companies have teams responsible with the installation of BMP systems, while others have partners that specialize in this domain. Nevertheless, companies specializing in SWPPP narratives can deliver your plan in less than two days and handle every procedure without requiring you to lift a finger. This means that the process will speed up and your construction site will start its operations as fast as possible. What is more, companies that offer storm water drainage solutions will also provide support in case an inspector will come by the site. Any additional documents and information can be obtained directly from the service provider. The EPA regulations clearly specify the application requirements for an NPDES permit and an SWPPP narrative is definitely one of them.