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Why to buy a Corsair Strafe keyboard

The Corsair Strafe keyboard is among the most wanted Vengeance K mechanical boards and was built to provide excellent quality and a stylish design. Because the K line is an expensive one, the manufacturer tried to bring on the market a cheaper alternative and he created the Strafe keyboard. The compromise was to remove the thick slice of aluminum from the top and to change the overall shape. Although it goes back to the basics this keyboard uses the great Cherry MX keys and the keys are shaped in a different mode that the one from the K line are. The biggest change is that this Corsair has only red backlight but provides various effects.

Design and software features

One reason to buy this keyboard is because it was designed in a different way from the rest of the keyboards, it has a space under the keys that permits the backlight to come out and the red plate creates a red backing. The other keyboards leave the space blank and the backlight looks messy. The exterior of the Ban Phim Co Corsair Strafe, as it is called in Vietnamese, has a plastic finish and a steel core that keeps it together and reassures heft. It has plastic sides, a rough matt on the underside and top, and a finer matt finish on the keys. Its features makes it a much desired product for the game players that do not afford to buy the expensive keyboards from the Vengeance K line. Buttons that allow the user to adjust the backlight brightness and to lock the Windows keys join the Cherry MX keys. To get the cheaper version the manufacturer removed the gaming or multimedia dedicated keys, but the user can replace them by pressing the Fn button in combination with one on the keys from F7 to F12. The Fn button replaces the right-hand Windows key. This bàn phím cơ utilizes the Corsair Utility Engine software that lets the user to program macros, to the backlight, and assign media controls.

Other features

The Strafe keyboard is excellent when the player is looking for performance and provides high-endurance, high speed and reliable typing experience. It is a learning curve mechanical board that is designed to speed up the process of gaming and it last longer than the low-profile keyboards. It operates with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and it requires a PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports. The ones that do not want to be interrupted during the game have an advantage using this keyboard because it has an USB pass-through built in that provides immediate connection with the wireless headset adapter, the mouse and the USB drive. The player can choose to personalize his keyboard, before buying it from, by choosing one of the FPS or MOBA kits for the keycaps. This contoured and textured keycaps gives him maximum enhanced feel and grip. This keyboard designed in a very functional and sturdy way feels like it could be used for at least 10 years and will still work as good as new.